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Queens' courtyard

Ahosihoué or queens' courtyard was the dressing room for Glèlè's wives. It contains:

  • the mausoleum of the 41 wives who, faithful to death, voluntarily accepted to accompany him into the Beyond in order to continue serving him.

    Restoration work carried out in August 2000, gave back to the mausoleum an aspect very near to the original. The roof was thatched, using traditional techniques.

An adjoining courtyard contains:

  • the Glèlè Doho or Glèlè's tomb. It was restored in September 2000 following the same principles as for the mausoleum of the king's 41 wives.
  • the house of the guardian of the king's tomb.
Entrance to the ahosihoué
Glèlè Doho - Photo : Anne Avaro
    King Glèlè's tomb


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