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Glèlè Jalalahènnou
Glèlè jalalahennou - Photo B. Keita
The Glèlè Jalalahènnou, or Glèlè's interior courtyard was the king's private area where he carried out most of his activities. Within this area are:
  • the Jèho, a temple where the king went to give homage to the spirits and the dead.
  • the Adanjèho, literally "house of courage", was an obligatory passage point for soldiers and amazons before and after every campaign. The oaths made on the altars here gave impetus and a thirst for victory to the warriors.
  • the Ajalala, a magnificent building covered with bas-reliefs, was the place where the King received, held councils and rested. The emblematic figure of the lion is displayed everywhere to symbolise royal power and ensure its perenniality. Reconstructed between 1988 and 1995.
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