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In 2006, EPA was reorganised into a number of departements. On of these was the Special projects department. The other EPA departments are organised and function around a central theme dedicated to the fundamental and permanent missions of EPA.  This is not the case for the Special projects department: it brings together specific projects which therefore are not directly linked to the other departments. However, their implementation is facilitated if needs be by technical assistance by other departments. These projects are mostly carried out by EPA, either with its own funds or with funds given by a sponsor after submission of a project.  Theses projects are therefore carried out within precise contractual deadlines under the supervision of a mission leader.

Ensure through the implementation of special projects a good visibility of EPA's professionalism in its areas of expertise and contribute to the financement of the school through management fees linked to the projects. 

Constant search of new projects through various means: submitting of projects, prospecting funding sources, participation in call for projects, etc.



- Slave Route Project, UNESCO, 2001-2002
- A key activity: the Museums at the service of development programme-MSD (2007-2010), financed by the Fonds de Solidarité Prioritaire (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Download the 2007-2010 Report (in French, PDF 366 ko)
  1. The Garden of Plants and Nature (Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature-JPN)
  2. The  RECAO project (Projet de Renforcement des Etablissements Culturels de l’Afrique de l’Ouest)

2012 team:


- Franck Ogou, Curator  of JPN
-  JPN staff
- Ismaïlou Baldé: Coordinator
- Osséni Soubérou, mission leader "RECAO" project

Indicative 2012 programme:
- JPN : drawing up of outreach activities and trails
- RECAO : drawing up of final report

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