Special Projects department

Documents and activities

- Activity reports
- Results of the 3rd selection Committee
- 3rd call for projects
- Project presentation form (Word document, 113 KB)
- 1st committee selection
- 1st selection committee report (Pdf)
- 2nd committee selection, Sept. 07

Some achievements
• Launch meeting, Benin, February 2007
• 1st regional meeting, Burkina Faso, April 2007
2nd regional meeting, Gabon, June 2007
Workshop for the drawing up of scientific and cultural projects (strategic plans), July 2007
Meeting for the finalisation of MSD didactic tools, July 2007
• 1st meeting of the MSD steering committee, september 2007
Regional seminar on Mali's cultural banks, March 2008
• 3rd regional meeting: "Innovative Museum Marketing", Kenya, September 2008
• Drawing up and setting up of the A for Africa exhibition, 2008-2010