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Museums in the service of development


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The very low rate of visits to public and private African museums, and the smallness of their resources, with a few exceptions, are indicators of the increasing marginalisation of these institutions.

It is commonly admitted nowadays that in the challenge of Africa’s sustainable development, culture must play an important role. From this point of view, museums have an enormous potential, as yet un-exploited.

Museums in the service of development (Msd) is a programme in support of the development of museums and related institutions so that they may become important actors in the educational, cultural, social and economic life in Africa.

Main objectives:
- support activities which target the concretisation of the school/museum relationship
- encourage activities on the organisation of temporary exhibitions and/or the refurbishing of permanent exhibitions
- support activities which aim at developing annex resources and improving the management of museums, and promote any innovative action in the area of management of cultural heritage.
In relation to these objectives, the measurable indicators of results fixed by the Msd coordination are:
- increase from 10% at the beginning of 2007 to 40% in 2010 the number of schoolchildren reached by the My Museum-My School activities in at least 10 public, private/community museums partner to Msd ;
- increase financial resources of 10 public, private/community museums partner to Msd to 25 % of the situation observed at the beginning of 2007.

Target audiences

- Ensure the secretariat, the follow up and the accounts of the FSP Musées

The programme covers mainly sub-Saharan Africa countries.
It is open to public museums and related institutions, as well as private and community museum institutions.

- Organise calls for projects, receive answers and enquiries concerning the FSP Musées

- Prepare meetings of the steering and experts committtees

- Ensure the implementation of projects specifically in EPA's area of activity

- Coordinates the FSP accountancy


Modes of functioning:
The programme will mainly take the form of call for projects.
The submitted projects will have to be included in medium term action plans that prospective candidate institutions will have to present and promise to honour.

The programme will be coordinated by a team based at EPA.

Documents and activities

2011 team:
- Edouard Koutinhouin, programme officer
- Diane Toffoun, in charge of component 1 and 2 and secretariat
- Sonia Houénoudé, mission leader, (Project "A for Africa")
- Odile Coppey, special councellor of the Director, in charge of quality controle
- Anne Avaro, in charge of Cahiers du patrimoine africain, digital publishing and activities with the Musée du Quai Branly
- Cabinet BEGECO, assistant accountant
Other Special Projects:
- Osséni Soubérou, mission leader ("RECAO" Project)
- Franck Ogou, curator of the JPN

MSD - Museums in the service of development
Ecole du Patrimoine Africain – EPA
01 B.P 2205, Porto-Novo, BENIN,
Tel.: (+229) 20 21 28 16; Fax: (+229) 20 21 21 09;
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- Fonds de Solidarité Prioritaire (FSP) / French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Government of Benin
- Musée du Quai Branly
- Other partners

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