From PREMA to EPA - the birth of a logo

Etudes pour le logo de l'EPA... The School of African Heritage has evolved to become independent of ICCROM which started it up 10 years ago through the PREMA programme. Links among the various activities, programmes, projects, structures, foundations and other institutions were initially rather complicated. A poorly defined visual identity did nothing to clarify the situation. The logos for ICCROM and the PREMA programme, mention of the National University of Benin and Paris I-Sorbonne University, as well as a map of Africa, were all crowded on the headed paper.

It was essential to centre this evolution around EPA and to define a clear visual identity. The personage from the PREMA logo, a Bambara figure, was adopted immediately as it had been a recognition point for 10 years. It was moreover difficult, for sentimental reasons, for the EPA team to drop it. The figure was given a dynamic stance, bounding out of the frame from a springboard formed by the acute accent over the "é", which highlights the ambition of the school:

"Understanding our heritage is not an end in itself but a foundation for approaching the future".

F-R. Dumont (CCF) & E. Delavaquerie (EPA), 1999, "De PREMA à l'EPA, l'enfantement d'un logo", PREMA Newsletter N° 8, p54.

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